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    Hand Soaps

    Formulated with pure essential oils, shea butter, aloe and mild moisturizing cleansers, ESSENZATM hand soap refreshes your skin in fragrant luxury.

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    Wax Warmers

    ESSENZA’s hand-crafted wax warmers make a statement at home and in the office. Our unique designs and fragrance combinations create luxury ambiance in every room!

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    ESSENZA’s luxury candles offer exceptional formulations and design to create art and ambiance in every room. Envelop your world with fragrant sophistication!

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    Outdoor Candles

    The best room in your house might just be your back yard. Put a little paradise on your patio with ESSENZATM luxury outdoor citronella candles.

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Essenza Luxury Soap

It's our weekly #feedbackfriday #giveaway! Vote here -----> woobox.com/pp5nqt <----- for your favorite... fb.me/4WRSVrBPG


My Essenza It's our weekly #feedbackfriday #giveaway!
Vote here -----> http://woobox.com/pp5nqt <----- for your favorite type of hand soap (liquid, foaming or bar) for a chance to win a bottle of our Essenza Artisan Blends Mandarin & Coconut Water hand soap!

Voting ends Monday, May 2nd 3:00 PM PST. #ExperienceEssenza
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